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After 22 happy years running The Thai Shop we were excitedly looking forward to our retirement having found someone keen to take it on. She was going to close the shop and concentrate on Mail Order and seeing people by appointment. Having signed the contract, at the very last moment she failed to complete her payment. As we had already given our Landlord notice to quit, we were left with a business but no premises.

Since then we have moved to a storage facility and been selling the considerable stock on-line with everything reduced by 50% or more. At the same time we have welcomed people to come and view the stock by appointment and have continued to offer our made to order service for those wanting a special outfit or to buy something no longer in stock. This way of operating has proved to be a great success (virtually no overheads and much less stressful). I just wish we had done this years ago!

We had another buyer - a lawyer - lined up, but having produced the contract himself, he backed out the next day! The search for a buyer will go on, and until then we will continue with our sale and will welcome anyone who wants to come and see us appointment. You can order anything on the website. If it is stock it will be at the sale price. If it is not it can be reordered at the original price.

All enquiries or to make an appointment please call 01233-500845.

We are very keen for The Thai Shop to continue. It has done so well for us. If you, or someone you know might be interested in taking on the business, please click here for details.

We bought The Thai Shop 22 years ago. Since leaving the Tenterden shop in January, and despite having done no advertising for the previous two years, we have taken around £3,000 a month from the stock sale and new orders. The stock is valued (1/9/16) at a replacement cost of around £55,000 (about 1,000 pieces). We wish to sell the business which includes this website, our customer list of nearly 14,000 names, introductions to our designer and suppliers, and all stock for just £25,000.

The stock is currently in a store about the size of a single garage. It could be based anywhere in the UK and thanks to our extensive mailing list there would immediately be a considerable number of ready made local customers.

Running the business in this way takes up a minimal amount of time, currently about 3 hours a week and so would be ideal for someone who just wants some part time work from home. However for someone prepared to invest more time and energy in developing the busy this is a fantastic opportunity. Before age and ill health restricted our activities The Thai Shop took over £300,000 a year.

The Thai Shop

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